MATRIX COSMIC HEALING Is A Modern, Simple To Learn & Powerful Approach For Healing & Energy Cultivation.
Matrix Cosmic Healing Empowers Meditation/Healing Practitioners, accelerate & give instant results that enable them To SHORTCUT YEARS OF PRACTICE & CULTIVATION 

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Matrix cosmic healing are the unique energy modalities that i learn it. Not only giving a boost of positive energt but we can set how big or how small the output of energy , matrix cosmic healing also helping me in my channeling abilities and improve my conscious level and positive vibration into the next level .
I do recommend to all my clients to take Matrix Cosmic Healing for their daily energy cultivation
  • Anderson, Matrix Cosmic Instructor
Matrix Cosmic Healing Level 9
Matrix Cosmic Healing is an amazing healing system with many great benefits discovered in just the first 3 levels, from controlling your emotional responses to stimuli to a 5 minute power nap that actually feels like 5 hours, this healing modality is not to be missed if you are wanting to create your own reality.
The energy, stamina, strength and mental acuity that Matrix gives me is astounding. So many uses.
The teachers, Awie  & Anderson are extremely helpful and friendly. Their well educated in depth knowledge of Matrix makes them an invaluable resource for whenever you are stuck or just need to clarify something.
  • Joshua Connolly, Australia (Usui Reiki, Samda Healing Energy, Bio Force Vibration, Bio Magnetic Activation, Violet Light Cosmic Energy Practitioner)
Matrix Cosmic Healing Level 9


As an Architect I’m always fascinated with many kind of ideas, including the idea that the human body can heal itself, since that idea came into my mind, I try to find and learn many kind of method to satisfy my hunger for this knowledge.
I started to learn silat that concentrates on inner strength, some variation of Reiki, Samda, and many kind of meditation. Then I become a healer, and I call myself as an energy based healer.
Then one of my friend introduced me Matrix Cosmic Healing system, and I realize that Matrix is the one I’m looking for, with Matrix it’s fast and easy  for me to channel cosmic energy to do any healings work (distant healing as well) and have an instant result.
So I recommended this system to you , learn it, practice it and you’ll get the full advantage of this system. Thank You Coach Awie.
  • Ir Wiweko Kuntohadi, Indonesia (Energy Based Healer)

Matrix Cosmic Healing Level 3


This has been a new learning experience for me and its always great to work with Anderson and his amazing skills. Matrix Cosmic Healing is a new healing modality that does something different than any other systems. If you want to learn something new, this is it. Thanks Anderson I look forward to more levels soon.

  • Terry, Iowa, US

Matrix Cosmic Healing Level 6

Experiments To Show The Effects of Energy Redirection, Matrix Power & Grounding

Become Lighter or Heavier with Energy Redirection

Power Test for Energy Level 2, 3, 4, 5

More Balance & Stability with Energy Grounding

Matrix Classes

Classroom & Online Distant Learning: 
9 Levels Of Matrix Cosmic Healing Practitioner
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